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March 26, 2009


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Where do you get your tests? Do you get them from your local school districk or do you purchase them through an outside source? Just wondering, because I usually test in May, but the Seton CAT tests only have included math and language through grade three....


I should have written "district" instead of "districk" since I am the teacher around here...

Amy Payson


My hubby and I will be moving in the next year or so and have been researching HS laws in all the states (we don't know where we'll end up at this point). I see that NY is pretty strict. I'm in Nebraska and it is pretty loose. But I still constantly feel the pressure to make sure I'm getting it all in "just in case" anyone drops by. I find it inhibits working the CM way (of short lessons when I have to have so many hours)or unschooling way (when I have to have so many subjects), or Reggio way (I'm still new at). I'm constantly trying to pull back and let the kids take the lead, then overscheduling to make sure we get it all (of which they then rebel all school work). I know you have a lot of the same educational philosophy as I do (as I've gotten a lot of reading material from your site), and I was wondering how you balance it in your head...meeting requirements (especially w/testing) versus allowing the kids the value and space of learning on their own and following rabbit trails. Anyway...just curious as to your thoughts on this matter.


I gave you an award over at my site. Thanks for getting back to me so soon about the CAT tests:-)

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