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April 23, 2009


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mrs darling

Pea fences at Dusk! Lady you are hilarious! I cant get over how different the land is there, the rolling hills, the tiny trees, its all so different and beautiful in its own way.

I want to get that homesteading package even though I pretty much know how to do everything in it, I jsut love looking at that stuff and reading about it. The wests pantry that you speak of could tha tbe the same West family that has the video on U tube of the song Green Beans In the Garden? That video is exactly how I grew up with my five sisters and four brothers and I love it.


Ditto on the "Pea fences at Dusk. With Trucks". I can see that neatly typed on a museum plaque next to a large print right next to Millet's "Les Glaneurs".

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