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May 29, 2009


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Bindweed- the archenemy of my garden!!! I can't stand that stuff. It winds itself around every.single.rasperberry.cane. and every.single.blueberry.bush. My 5yo thinks the flowers are just lovely, though, and gets upset anytime I curse its existence. :)

Looking forward to more updates on your garden!


Angel, You might want to check out "The Shape of Life" for Gareth's evolutionary biology study. http://www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife/ We used this excellent 8-part video series when we studied Kingdom Animalia year before last. We were able to borrow a copy from the New England Aquarium's educational lending library for FREE! The website has fabulous materials that go along with the series. It is very kid friendly with the tiny exception of @10 min of the show on marine flatworms. They have some rather, um, aggressive behavior as relates to procreation. We just hit FF for 30 secs and LOVED the rest of the series. High marks for this one and it ties in perfectly to evolution as it traces animal evolution through 8 phyla starting with sponges. Makes me want to watch it again!


those snappers can *reach*, too! :^)

love your reports :^)

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