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May 18, 2009


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mrs darling

This is a great post. I think the simple life means different things to different people. For me going back to everything hand made doing it all without electricity and such is not simple. I was raised that way and it was time consuming and hard.

Simplicity is what ever works for a smooth schedule in your own home. Simplicity is contentment. Simplicity is eliminating stress.


I don't think "simple" has to mean fresh eggs or hand sewn aprons, although a simple life can certainly include those things.

I think a simple life is a life where you are not beholden to others (others NOT meaning neighbors, friends, people). Not being dependent on the arbitrariness of an HOA or having to have 2 incomes in order just to survive or being a slave to any possessions.

Simple is uncomplicated, doing for yourself, putting people before things. This doesn't mean making things more convenient, but it does mean being more independent.

And our school looks like that, too! We have the "basics", and then we have all the other stuff (even though we live in the city). The catching of critters, and learning research skills to identify them and learn to care for them; the priceless life skills of how to make a garden and care for it every day so it will feed you, and so on.


Oh, how I love this post! It speaks to many of the thoughts I've been having, and the thoughts of other home educating mamas I've chatted with recently. I take much comfort in the knowledge that I'm not alone in all this...


I stumbled upon your post by accident, but it was beautiful to read. I have five young ones at home and our life isn't "simple" either, but it is wonderful and amazing in it's own crazy sort of way and I wouldn't want it any other way. Blessings to you.


what a beautiful post. and i agree -- the *kids'* lives are simple and that is the point. and truly, my life is much simpler as my boys get older. there is just no avoiding the happy chaos of younger children - and who would want to? :^)


Great post!

BTW, we'll be in Cooperstown the end of the last full week of June and heading into July. We should have a decent amount of down time between games, so hopefully we'll be able to meet up. I'll let you know more as we get closer to heading up that way.


well said!!

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