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June 20, 2009


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Account Deleted

I was glad to find this at my library! I like the list and the quote :)


I love this book, too, Angela. Deb Curtis was actually one of my college instructors. I was only 18, though, and didn't appreciate all of her wisdom. I even got scolded by her for talking too much in class. Yikes. Oh, how'd I'd love to sit through one of her classes now! Thanks for sharing your notes!

Jennifer Mackintosh

I'm laughing thinking of Sarah being too chatty in class!!! :)

I'm so excited to get to read this book...I have it...now to carve some time out to read it!!!! It's really speaking my language!


Dear Angela,
This looks like a really interesting book.
Did you find that it actually was a lot diffeent from what you have already implemented with your young ones.
Have you read the Reggio books ( all th ones in your side bar)that seem to be going around?
I had an interesting talk with Erin (Seven Little Australians) the other day.
I am not so sure this is any different from what I already do.
Any insight on this in your own family, please?

Totally irelevent:
Is your 15 acres designed to be self sufficient? Do your fruit trees produce enough for your family? We are looking when we move to be self sufficient if we can, so I am just interested.
God Bless


i love this book - i have recommended it to so many people! :^)

Alycia in Virginia

sounds like a lovely book...another one to add to my library request.

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