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June 16, 2009


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Great list Angela, and I am so bummed I can't find any of the Reggio books at my library, except one, can't remember which one, but it's been in the hold queue for a while now, sigh...I am doing alot of pre-reading for my Violet for 8th grade and high school too right now, so my pile grows while I zip through some of hers. Hey, are you on Goodreads?? It's a nice way to keep track of lists, books read, want to reads, etc. Maybe that would work for you??? Darn, now I want to read that Farenheit 451, never did read that one :) Hugs!

mrs darling

I fit my reading in at about 11:00 am in the bathtub! LOL

mrs darling

Good grief I meant pm not am. No way am I in the tub at 11 am! :)


OOOoooo, Fahrenheit 451! I read that a million years ago! I think I'll add that to DD's reading list for next year. It's a great book. Other 'prophetic' books are Alvin Toffler's Future Shock and The Third Wave. Of course everyone is re-reading Ann Ryand's Atlas Shrugged right now too. That's a tough one to wade through though.

I read in bed before I turn out the light, it helps me wind down...unless it's a really good book then I wind up staying up all night reading the silly thing! I did that with The Mermaid Chair, Life of Pi, most of the Twilight books and the last couple Harry Potter's ;-) I'll alternate nights between my book and the ones for DD. Often I just read the assigned books for DD for myself - but then again she is in high school and her books are more adult level.

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