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July 26, 2009


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Beautiful!!! Angela, what variety of milkweed is that? I've only been able to get the tropical here, but I love that dusky pink color.


Ok, this is a little embarassing, Jenn, but... it's just wild milkweed that blew in from our field. It popped up in one of our flower beds and of course I just left it there. :-) I just googled it, and apparently it is "Common Milkweed." It looks as if it's native to Texas as well http://asclepias.homestead.com/flowers6.html... but perhaps not very widespread?

mrs darling

Wow you do have a bunch of tomatoes! I have to keep mine caged and off the ground or the slugs eat every one of them!

Too bad about the corn! They really did strip that! You peppers and squash are looking good though! Same thing for that beautiful row of onions!

Kelly Dawson

Off topic question: I see that your boys are very involved with boy scouts, but don't see that your daughters do girl scouts? I have found that the Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards really lend themselves to community service and responsibility and my daughters have really taken to them. Just curious on your opinion.


I love your garden! thanks for the thumbs up on our schoolroon on the 4real forum

Judith Kiplinger

From one Montessori Mom to another - whereabouts in NY can you grow vegetables like that?? Loved reading about your teen curriculum vision - My son is off to Cornell next month and my two daughters are 7 and 9 so I have a few years to contemplate!

Best regards, Judith


Oh what an excellent garden, I am jealous. My house sits right in the woods and I just don't have enough sunlight to grow veggies. Also, the rats with hooves, I mean the deer, are a real issue for us as my hostas can attest. Your turkeys are great! My brother often raises turkeys but this year he experienced a "turkey armageddon" so there will be no fresh turkey for Thanksgiving. Sigh.


love your beautiful garden! :^)

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