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July 21, 2009


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Dear Angela,
Thanks you are very good to share your thoughts.
I have saved this to digest in the morning.
God BLess


I to am a parent homeschooling a 12 year old...I to am trying to put together a reasonable "flow" to our days of learning. We started homeschooling last year...and boy does it take a year to transition and see what works and what will not. I am a trained 3-6 Montessori teacher and am stumbling on how much to teach and how much to leave for personal interest. I feel from our experience last year, there needs to be some "academic" work and a lot of time for art, building, or self interest/discovery. I would love to share ideas or concerns.

Angela Drake

Dear Angela,

It is very comforting to encounter someone else with the same purpose: to homeschool teens using the Montessori Method. I have been pensive for close to 2 years on how to set up a 12 - 15 yrs Montessori Erdkinder learning environment. I would love to communicate in more details on how to construct such an environment.


I hadn't realised how long ago you'd done these posts! I came looking to point a friend at them (she's just realising she _is_ going to homeschool her beginning high schooler). I was wondering if you're likely to post the rest:-) These made enough of an impression that I remembered them nearly a year later:-)

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