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August 13, 2009


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I was thinking to myself about two weeks ago that I get more from your posts on education and gardening than almost anyone else in the blogosphere. They are always very informative and thought provoking. So at least I think you have something worthy to say!


I agree with Jennifer, in fact just yesterday a friend and I were talking about blogs and I was saying how REAL your blog is.

Well I for one would love to see your plans, they sound fascinating. I just had to smile about the 'structure and choice' I SO understand, you were describing my children to a tee.

Can I admit curiosity and ask 'just what job does Andy do?' You talk about him traveling alot and I wondered, sounds interesting.

Pleased to see you back, I was wondering:)


i would love to see your plans! please do post them!


Well, thank you, Erin and Jen :-) Erin -- my husband works for a mutual fund company managing money. He travels a lot, visiting companies and small banks (his specialty). If it's possible, we like to tag along sometimes for a couple of reasons. First, I like to travel! And I conveniently forget how hard it is to travel with little ones after we come home. ;-) And also -- if it's technically a "business trip" for Andy, some of our costs are taken care of. Gas, for instance, and part of the hotel room. So it makes traveling a little cheaper.


Dear Angela,
Well, I was wondering how the lessons were going and if you had added any of the Monterssori Farming elements to your plans.

Just today I received my Reggio book and have yet to start but I really love the one on got on Waldord: Creative Play for you baby.. Christopher Clud. I think it is one of the best waldorf books and incudes toy projects to make as well.
One of my(obsensions), I mean interests!!
God Bless


I LOVE the time you take to share your posts and pictures of your family. I really learn a lot and get inspired to 'do'....not just 'think' about some stuff. I will also have a 7th grader and would LOVE to see what you have planned. I realize individual plans are tricky...kind of personal. If you're inclined, I'd be so grateful.
Teresa in VA

Jennifer Mackintosh

I love seeing how you planned for G! Those look sooo interesting! I'm getting excited about doing something like this for the boys...and hoping you post your plans!

I'm glad you had an internet break...but selfishly, I hope you're back! ;) I love seeing how you tweak/interpret/create with the kids and their work!

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