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September 04, 2009


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You say so well thoughts that are on my mind, to be truthful I find it all so hard I say nothing. I couldn't even think of what to say for 7 Quick, hopefully I'll be back in next week.

I love the sound of your Friday's, enjoy:)



I've been having these same thoughts. You expressed this all very well. I too pray for an ordinary, uneventful life.

Melissa R

The weights and worries are the same as mine. It's overwhelming too often. I try to live without the cares because there is little I can do to prevent tragedy. And in the work to try to prevent them you can lose some of the best of life.

Today my son fell off a zip line. Not far, but far enough that he got the wind knocked out of him and hurt his back. It was scary, very. Tragedy can be around every corner. But so can joy.

I try very very hard to always choose joy. Most importantly, I try to choose it when I am really afraid.


I liked this post Angela. It seemed so peaceful. I think I have felt some of the same feelings that you have described.

Elizabeth@Frabjous Days

I feel very like your 1, 2 and 3.
Wonderful rainbows!

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