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September 09, 2009


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lol! my week is going like yours - the first day of school included hives and an emergency run for breathing problems. i read gareth's plans the other day and drooled. i emailed a friend who is working on a young men's unit study with me and wondered when you and jen and elizabeth find time to make such beautiful plans. hope the rest of your first week improves. :))


I just love reading your posts on how your day went. Your doctor's office posts are among your best -- you really know how to turn an obnoxious event into a fun read!! :) You help me remember that it's possible to get through this stuff with your sanity (& sense of humor!)intact ... and how much better off my family is for it (being together, living our lives, not stuck artificially in separate rooms in a brick building), in the end.

Go, Mommy, go!



Always an adventure! Glad you survived it. :)


I loved the last line. If I just think about what your kids did, it sounds like a great day, but you must have been exhausted. As usual, I can relate to much of it.


God bless you, Lady Fortitude. Thank you for this very inspiring post. Just what I need!

Melissa R

Ah, what I heard from all that was "cider donuts". Yum. The rest was a blur once I saw cider and donuts together.

Maria P

This should be published!

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