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September 29, 2009


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Oooh! love the bones! Guess what I just cleaned up off our table? Bones of course that Caddie and Scarlett excavated from the creek last year and collected from what we assume was dropped hawk dinner. Pippin and I have been studying anatomy/bones so out came the skeletons from the closet. Doesn't everyone have a box of bones on their table?


I was just thinking as I read, do YOU like dinosaurs? Or are you sick of them?
I love your reading roundup, think I might start doing that at the end of our weeks.
I enjoy your format but you know that. what other idea did you have in mind?


My word, is that a opossum or some such animal? The teeth alone are rather gruesome.


I think it's interesting.


Erin -- Actually, I do like dinosaurs. Which is a good thing, because this is our second intensive time through them! My oldest did pretty much nothing but dinosaurs for 2nd grade. Now he's onto prehistoric mammals.

To be honest, I guess I find most things interesting... an asset, I suppose, for doing school this way. I'm always much more excited about trying to come up with another dinosaur project, say, than trying to get somebody to sit down and write a report about a topic of my own choosing when they're not that keen on it... and there's always some new angle to explore with each child, even when it's a topic that we've done more than once, or for a long period of time.


Debbie, I think it's actually supposed to be a mouse or a shrew... those long teeth ought to be incisors and the jaws should be shut. But it does look pretty impressive, doesn't it? K. had a chart she was refering to as she pulled the bones out of the owl pellet (which she requested I purchase, because the owl and hawk pellets she's found in our field don't have such perfect bones). Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what the final identification was, because she whisked everything away back into her room where she has a nice collection of bones, feathers, owl pellets, etc.

Jennifer Mackintosh

Ok - so I'm glad I'm not the only person who is watching Ken Burns' National Parks on PBS. Those are great, aren't they?! I feel like packing the van and trekking across the country! They're so interesting...but then...I sorta love that kind of stuff. And...Ken Burns could make a documentary about a cereal box and it would be interesting! LOL!

Love hearing how you all are doing!

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