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October 03, 2009


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I love these sorts of posts:)
I know what you mean about how re-organising our supplies causes a flurry of use. Actually that happens with books too, you re-shelf them and they have new attraction.


Nice! Looks a lot like how we do it here as well (though I am rapidly running out of room).


I don't know how you can even THINK about glitter. I get the shakes when I even walk down the aisle at Hobby Lobby. I've never intentially had glitter in my home, and the one time I used it, I regretted it for months afterwards because I was finding glitter everywhere afterwards.

But besides the glitter, I like your list! LOL We are out of Sculpey right now, and I've just got to get around to get some because the kids keep asking for it.

Do you have a stapler or a paper punch out with your art supplies?? That keeps my newly 5 year old busy for hours.


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