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November 02, 2009


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Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things

I'm so glad Gareth and Katydid are feeling better! Unfortunately, we've been hit with swine flue here-- today's day 7, and the elderberry doesn't seem to be doing much-- everyone's STILL running fevers, coughing, and stuffed up. Perhaps Elderberry's more effective in controlling seasonal flu? Don't know, but I've heard too many people sing its praises to stop using it. It just hasn't been a miracle-maker in my home so far. Blessings, Angela- I hope the rest of your crew stays healthy!

Paola Addamiano-Carts

Three plus two: I so enjoyed reading your blog! Delightful.

I'm a Catholic homeschool mom in Maryland. I also happen to be a volunteer youth minister. I was doing some research for an article I hope to write. That's how I stumbled across your blog! Since you seem to be familiar with the Reggio Emilia approach to education, I wonder what you think are key ways that observation/documentation could be employed in a religion program for teenagers. From a parenting perspective, what do you observe that tells you your children "get" a concept in religion?

You're doing a great job of documenting your family's journey.


Sarah -- I really hope you all get better soon! We have had all too many experiences like the one you are going through, and they are not fun. There are so many variables that come into play whenever anybody gets sick that it's so hard to know what's helping and what's not. Do we have some natural immunity to whatever it is that we've gotten? (Cold, seasonal flu, H1N1, whatever? My mom and sister did not get H1N1 even though they were definitely supposed; does a natural immunity run in our family or have we made antibodies from another Type A strain that really hit us hard several years ago?) Did we just pick up a cold and somehow avoid the H1N1 that's epidemic here now? Is the elderberry preventing your family from developing even worse complications?

Like you said, it's impossible to know.


I dunno. All of my kids got sick w/the flu over the last 2.5 weeks. We dosed w/a variety of things w/different kids. The first to get sick dosed himself w/Airborne right away and only suffered 3 days of mild fever and slept most of that time. The next took the elderberry syrup but after throwing up twice after taking it, he wanted nothing to do with it. :-) A couple of others took the syrup, airborne, etc. and only had a couple of days of fevers. My littlest one wouldn't accept anything I offered (see my most recent post on my blog).

I have not gotten sick and am still well now that everyone has recovered. I dosed a variety of things: airborne, elderberry syrup, echinacea tablets, echinacea/elderberry tea, vitamin C, salt water gargle and nasal cleansing, and LOTS of handwashing! LOL! Who knows?

I do remember being miserably ill after driving home from NY this summer...but only a couple of days. I think that was a just a rotten cold, though. I also had a similar illness the morning after the first kid got sick this go-round, but again it seemed more cold-like (sneezing like mad).

I'm just glad we're done with whatever it was. H1N1 is rampant around here right now as well.

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