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December 18, 2009


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Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon!


I tired to comment on your last post but was having technical issues... hope this one works :-)

I will offer many prayers for you today. I know what it's like to be sick, have sick kids, and be exhausted with pregnancy. What a lot of work you are doing this advent!! I do hope that everyone gets better soon. We went through a long bout of sickness here too with pink eye, scarlet fever (I didn't think people actually got that anymore LOL), ear infections, throwing up and bad coughs/colds all around. I'm still tired just thinking about it!!

Soon the sun will return with warmer weather and this lenghthy season of cold and germs will be over :-)

Blessings to you at christmas this year, angela !!

Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things

Praying for your troops!


Oh dear! Praying.


I hope everyone's feeling better soon. Praying for you all!

Julia S.

Sorry for all your illnesses. I hope things are on the mend there. I'll keep you in my prayers as we head toward Christmas Day.

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