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December 21, 2009


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Incredible picture and incredibly cool bird. I love watching the hawks in our neighborhood soar. It makes me happy. Of course, I don't have chickens to lose.


Is that Mr. Cooper?


No, I think it's a red tail. At least its tail was very red as it flew away, and a check of Cornell's Lab of Ornithology ID site shows that redtailed hawks have about a million different morphs. Katydid says that redtailed hawks also used to be known as "chicken hawks", because they kill chickens. Kinda fits with the evidence from yesterday.

Julia S.

I was outside yesterday and saw a hawk being chased off by five crows. He apparently trailed into their territory and they were not taking his presence lightly.

Maybe you just need more crows to scare him away. Of course that complicates things during planting and harvest time. Hmm...it is a delicate balance.


that is a beautiful shot of a beautiful predator.
we have a falcon that stalks our chickens all the time.
we are down to 3 very nervous chickens that hide all the time or have their eyes focused constantly on the sky.
poor chickens.

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