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January 16, 2010


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"The point is to be gainfully employed,"

I love this phrase:)

"The kids can play Wii during this time. The problem we're having is they all want to play Wii individually instead of together, and so their allotted 30 minutes a piece (except for the twins, who do play together) racks up."

I sooo understand this dilemma which is why for the last couple of years we went to none each afternoon (hard in snowbound NY I know) and instead had our BIG Friday afternoon screen fest. Problem being that now they are dragging it into Saturdays too so Friday afternoon fest is about to stop and become Friday night ONLY. And ONLY if Dad ticks off on assigned work because these highschoolers have to get some self-discipline going here.

Always love reading your planning and doing posts:)


i love to read your plans. i too am revamping the routine. i wonder when you plan outings? i have piano lessons, monthly little flowers and friday fieldtrips. and then there are little things that crop up - hair cuts, dentists, dr visits. how do you schedule those items?


Great post! I love reading about your days and plans as well. We are revamping here, too. I'm coming up for air finally after our move across country last summer and trying to get into a new routine.

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