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January 18, 2010


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I like the New American Cursive for my 9yo. Learning cursive has been fairly easy using that program.

Julia S.

I love the "work on your epic poem" listed in his work sheet. I can see Homer's mom whispering "ok, now work on that epic poem". Ok maybe I'm just a little tired, but it cracked me up.

I love the schedule, btw. It looks very doable.


Are you planning on getting the books or books and DVD for First Form Latin?
Ah I should look at AO again for my book lists. Did you know that Mater Amabilis is planning on putting up more levels come March/April?


Erin, I got both books and DVD. We've only just started the program, but it looks as if the DVD might be most useful to us when we get to a point where new material is introduced. We watched the first lesson, but it was hard for my kids to pay attention because it was review from Latina Christiana I. Probably would have been better if we had just all gone over the lesson together and left the DVD for a later lesson.


I noticed you were reading "Our Island Story" and we are also using that book. I have found a web site that you can go to and you can listen to the book online along with other books. I just thought I would mention it if you were interested. (Or you may already know);)
librivox.org is the site. I enjoy reading but I have to admit I am enjoying being read to.

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