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February 15, 2010


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I completely agree with you! I couldn't even finish reading Mittenstrings, I had to give it away because it was just not us. We homeschool our 4 young children (in western NY!), but after watching Katrina's video on Jennifer's blog, conversiondiary I felt a much stronger connection to what she was saying, even though we are raising our children a bit more unconventionally. I'm so thankful that we can homeschool so I can be with my children during their ordinary days.Thanks for your post, I might have to request this one from the library!

Amy Payson

And so, again, this is why I stay connected to your blog - checking back weekly and reading a week's worth of posts. You are the real, beautiful and chaotic. This is what inspires me while at the same time balms my soul as I, too, try and strive for that balance!

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