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February 05, 2010


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Dear Angela,
I agree with you about pictures. I love images on my posts and really love seeing inside your home.
I have missed visiting and seeing what you are up to. I have been organisisng our school for the year and had Stepehn home and we had so many appointments with Moran. Now we seem to be on the next appointment track with disability services.
I find it all a tad exausting!!

I have a question to even fuddle your mind more.
Do you know how to back up post to deep them from getting lost in cyber space or am I just supposed to put each one manually into word doc. I hate this as it always comes back with added HTML stuff I have to delete.

By the way I am hosting the March Lovliness fair. It is about children/picture books and I though this might be right up your alley. It only came to me as I started to type. No alterior motive in the commenting!
Praying you are well and looking forward to a rewarding Lent.
Love to hear form you as you are able
God Bless

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