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February 10, 2010


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Too funny! Except for that clean up part :-) No, I have no chickens in my van. Maybe I need to sprinkle a few more french fries. Maybe Georgian chickens don't like goldfish crackers. Dogs do. If we leave the van door open and don' watch carefully our pooch plants herself within and hides in the back, hoping, just hoping we will go out for milk - or donuts - and relieve her monotony. Perhaps your chickens were bored at home. Have you considered installing cable in their coop?


OK, now that is really funny! But the question is, did you take a picture of the chicken in the van?


Not just you. Just before Christmas I found a chook(Aust for chicken) in the car, we estimated it had been in there for close to 20 hrs. The concern was the very high temperatures the chook would have experienced in the car as we were in the mid 30s (Celsius) at the time. We picked it up and hurried it over to the water for which it was very grateful.


Ok, LOL, glad to hear it's not just me these weird things happen to!

Debbie, I did not actually take a picture. I thought about it... but it was dark ;-)

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