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March 02, 2010


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Congrats on the boy! Xavier was on our short list too.


Congratulations! We had trouble with names even with girl #4. :) Luke is a cool name! :)


Ah, congratulations. You and Katydid will be the ladies of the house!


Big hugs for your baby-boy-on-the-way! (And yes, as soon as I read "DRUM ROLL" I instantly thought "girl!" Ya got me.)


Congrats! At least you won't have t buy all new stuff. I'm sure you've got the boy stuff covered!


I fought for Aquinas for my little Xavier's middle name! Husband just wasn't feeling it, so we ended up with Quinn.


Aly in Va

Congrads. I'm sure whatever name you choose will be great.

Melissa R

I bet you feel happy just with the knowing.
Your one little girl is going to feel SO special. I am one girl with 2 brothers and it makes me feel very special.


We just had our 6th boy Monday night...no girls here. We have had Victoria picked as a girl name for 13 years now and decided we may never get to use it and so named this son Victor. Good luck picking a name. It's funny how they always end up with nicknames given from the other boys. Our boy #5 was "The Owl" for months after he was born and our 3 year old started calling the new baby "Frenchy" about a week before he was born and it has stuck. I have no idea where he got this name from! Good luck to you!!!


Congratulations, Jackie! I had to LOL about your 3 yo and the new baby... My now 6 yo was "Boo" until he was at least 3 years old. I figured it would stick for life, but somewhere along the line we all dropped it.

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