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November 13, 2010


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I must check out your grocery blogs!! Mmm maybe I should take a picture of my fruit and veg shop this week for you;)3 boxes of fruit are hard to beat for bulk. And yes one box includes bananas which go in 3 days too. Wait until all your boys are teens! They'll eat even more!
My dd is really strict, if it is not on my list I'm not allowed to buy it unless I can explain!
So pleased you have made a new friend:)


Don't know if you shop at any of the stores listed, but since you're in the south now you might also want to check out southernsavers.com. AND Costco is great for large families because if you know exactly what you want to buy then you can go online, order, and they will have your cart waiting for you by a specific time (then you pay and leave). Viola one less shopping adventure with little ones.


Wow...$1350 a month for a family of 9??? That's a LOT! Like you, we're hovering around $1000, though it can be less when we're more careful, watch sales, and use the store coupons they mail to us. I'm pleased to see that the changes in some of my purchases (some organics) are being reflected in the store sending coupons for those products. So, yes, I *am* voting at the grocery! :) Thanks to linking to Milehigh Mama's manifesto...love it!


Thanks for linking to me Angela- I read YOUR blog all the time!


We are around the $1300/mth for a family of ten (we include 3 teens and a pre-teen boy). Food is far more expensive here in Australia:(


Erin, I think you are doing a fantastic job -- knowing how the cost of living compares! I recently discovered that here in the US the food stamp benefits (that $1350 number) do not include paper products like toilet paper, disposable diapers, etc., which we figure in to our budget every month.

Of course, I'm not shopping in a small, inner city grocery store with bad food choices and high prices every week either.

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