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January 14, 2011


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Thank you! I get so very tired of northerners coming here and mocking the way the south handles frozen precipitation. No one drives well on ice and sinking tons of money into equipment is ridiculous when we can all just stay home for the one or two days a year that it snows.
Back to your point: This is all very inspiring.



Love these posts. So did you serve the pork stir fry up with anything?
We made Elana's Silver Dollar Pancakes this week and really liked them.


Erin -- I must confess that I did make rice for the boys. But it had enough veggies in it for those of us who wanted it w/out rice or only a small amount of rice to eat it w/out feeling deprived. I used onions, garlic, carrots, green beans (I had some leftover in the fridge), and mushrooms. Seasoned everything with salt and pepper. I would have liked to have added bok choy, but I didn't have any - but I think it would have made it better. (I also would have liked to stir-fry in coconut oil and add ginger, but I'm out of coconut oil.) I also added eggs to stretch the meat. The sauce was soy sauce/pineapple juice, and some of us had pineapple on the side while others ate pineapple all mixed in.

In retrospect, I should have used gluten-free soy sauce.

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