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March 29, 2011


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Your son has the same interests as our older boys. they love writing in different, unusual languages and creating their own.

I so enjoyed reading your learning notes again, I've really missed them:)


If he likes invented alphabets why not try cryptography. I don't know what math curriculum you're using, but I tend to give my students projects with lots of patterns in it. For instance, if you search for a pascals triangle pattern (go about 20 rows), fill it in following his addition method, and color in the multiplication rules (one page per rule). The hidden patterns are great (not to mention the number patterns). Apply this to cryptography which is the pattern of codes (hidden pics vs. hidden meaning). Some sites to check out http://cryptoclub.math.uic.edu/indexmain.html
http://www.math.washington.edu/~koblitz/crlogia.html Might be an idea anyway. I'm a math teacher who is sad when kids don't allow themselves to "play" with math, so I try to give my students a lot of time.

Donna Marie

Love the pic...it is so real. I have to chuckle about it, sorry! I have boys, after all! ;o)

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