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August 07, 2011


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Melissa R

One of the authors on the Sci Fi list was HEINLEIN. Last week we listened to the audiobook of his Have Space Suit, Will Travel. We all loved it! It's done with a full cast and was so entertaining. Now we are almost done listening to another full cast audiobook of his, The Star Beast. I especially love the actor playing Henry Gladstone Kiku.

Here is the website for full cast audio. http://www.fullcastaudio.com/tek9.asp?pg=products&specific=jocncne0

I got my copies from the library.

Not all of Heinlein's books are appropriate for children, but I think he wrote about 40 that are.



I've SOO missed your 'day in our life' posts:):)
I totally understand your ponderings trying to find your style, I'm still trying to work this one out.
A Question: In order to keep YOU on track, to make certain that you strew etc, do you have a wishlist of basics and possibilities?

Such fascinating discussions that your children have.

Gareth might enjoy; The wand in the word : conversations with writers of fantasy / compiled and edited by Leonard S. Marcus.
Dominic just finished it and enjoyed it.
We are so enjoying OYAN novel here too. Dominic is up to chp 12 in his novel, but he has been at it for about 2 yrs now.

Your maths sounds inspiring.

We've made that zucchini bread, yum
So pleased to hear FB is making reading progress{}

Great Day:)


What a great post, so refreshing, so glad you're back at it here :) I'm looking at Jacobs Geometry too, do you like it, too soon to tell?? We're going to start in a few weeks, so still wrangling away with decisions. Love the relaxed approach, we're doing this too :) Hugs, Meredith



Thanks for the link to full cast audio; this is something I need to check out!


Erin, I don't actually have a list written down right now for everyone. What I usually do is to stock in books for a certain time period -- a certain number of weeks that could correspond to a quarter or a term -- and just work from the stack for a while, based on interest, etc. Usually this runs about 6-9 weeks, maybe a little more. Then there's usually a natural break like a holiday or a trip we're taking, and I'll reassess what everybody's doing and collect more resources at that point.

I do use evernote and google reader to keep track of books, activities, etc. that I find online, but I'm just not horribly organized. Bibliographies arranged by subject work pretty well for me, and I try to be up to date on local offerings, too - like the presence of different museums, day trips, etc. I also tend to use my amazon cart like a book list. I'll often go ahead and add books to the cart w/out buying. Then, when I really want to buy books, I go through and weed out what I've got. I use the "Other customers bought" feature down at the bottom of the amazon pages a lot, too. And goodreads.com comes in handy for finding book suggestions, too, especially for me and the older kids. :-)

And thanks for the book recommendation. I think G would like that book very much. (I think I would, too, actually.) I'll have to run down a copy.

Amy @ simply necessary

LOVE your day posts...need to do one for me again! I find that sometimes I start to write them out of frustration for not seeming to have anything done and then,when reading back over, I discover that, "oh yeah...we really did do more than I thought!"

And your house chaos is always refreshing. You keeping it real makes me feel like it's okay for me to keep it real and that I don't have to live up to the other "seemingly" together homeschool bloggers! Props for remaining true to your unschoolish tendencies and doing what is best for your family! :)


Thanks, Amy! It's important to me to be honest. I have no idea what other people's houses are like, but I would feel weird if I omitted the chaos, like I was writing about somebody else's house!

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